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  A Dietitian's Cancer Story

New Amazon.com review (posted December 24, 2006)

“This book is wonderful. If you have received that dreaded diagnosis, your doctor is not going to give you as much advice as Diana Dyer does. This book tells you how to improve your diet to maximize your chance of surviving. If you are still healthy, try to stay that way by following her guidelines. I was struck by how far ahead of her time Diana Dyer was. She was making changes (some controversial) way before the research showed she was doing the right thing.”


Information & Inspiration for Recovery & Healing from a 3-time Cancer Survivor

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(2005 Printing)
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Preface to the 4th Printing
Preface to the 5th Printing
Preface to the 8th Printing
My Cancer Story
Nutritional Guidelines

Nutritional Components

What Counts as a Serving

How to Achieve 9+ Servings/Day of Fruits and Vegetables without Chomping Carrots All Day Long!

Sample Menu

Tips for Integrating this Diet with a Family

Diana's Grocery List
Diana's "Super Soy and Phytochemical Shake"©
Additional Information about Fruits and Vegetables
Dining Out: How to Maintain an Anti-Cancer Diet

General Guidelines for Low-fat, Plant-based Eating

Helpful Tips

Hidden Fat Traps and Vegetarian Concerns

Salad Bar Tips

Beverage Suggestions

Meal Suggestions for Restaurant Type





Middle Eastern

American, European, Bar and Grill

Pizza Places/Sub Shops

Delis/Bagel Shops


Fast Food

Gas Stations/Convenience Stores

Sample Menus

Travel Tips: Ideas for Eating on the Road or Bringing Your Own Food

My "Decision Tree" for Evaluating and Implementing any Alternative/Complementary Therapy
Dietary Supplements
Additional Ingredients of my Healing "Recipe"


Support Groups

"Cancer Survivor's Network"

Exercise, including T'ai Chi and Qi Gong



Guided Imagery


Feng Shui




Techniques/Tools Used by My Breast Cancer Support Group Members to Cope and Heal
Facts, Figures and Thoughts
Characteristics and Skills of Cancer Survivors
Closing Thoughts

My Website - www.CancerRD.com

FAQs ( 15 Questions and Answers)


Alternative Medicine

Alternative Cancer Treatments


Cancer Survivorship

Cancer and Nutrition


Internet Resources


Additional Books/Tapes

Sources for Recipes I have Used and Loved

Dining Out

Ordering Information for Additional Books
About the Author

Readers' comments:

"I have found your book very encouraging, informative and helpful in helping me come to grips with what I need to do to give my body an extra edge in fighting breast cancer. Out of all the books I have read thus far, yours is the only one that gives information and encouragement about recovering. I have being doing a lot of reading and find your book to have the most concrete help about diet, not just vague information that I cannot translate into every day living. Thank you for writing this book! "
-EG, Raleigh, NC
"I have being doing a lot of reading and find your book to have the most concrete help about diet, not just vague information that I cannot translate into every day living. Thank you for writing this book! "
-Cherry Church, New Mexico
"I want to tell you I have read so many books and articles, but none has stuck with me as your book has. Thanks for paving the way for so many of us."
-Debbie, Lymphoma Survivor
"Your book has been a huge help to me in empowering me with what I can do to maintain my remission from ALL. I follow it like a recovery manual. Thank you so much!"
-Kathryn Gunter, ALL Survivor
"Diana’s book is an excellent resource for the cancer survivor looking to feel empowered as it relates to making nutrition choices for healing. I am grateful for Diana’s book that provides a holistic approach to feeding body, mind and spirit!"
-Heidi Kramer, RD, LD, Cancer Survivor
"I have read numerous books and spent hundreds of hours on the Internet. Your book, A Dietitian's Cancer Story, is the best source I have found for common sense, how-to, and ease of incorporation into daily routines, the grocery list, and also, for inspiration and hope. Thank you. Your book is wonderful. I have given it to everyone in our family and some friends as well."
-Bonnie Kos, family member of a cancer survivor, Hinsdale, Illinois
"If I need to de-stress, I just read in your book sometimes -- it has such a peaceful feeling to it"
- A. H. - Health Educator
"Just a note to express my gratitude for the enormous effort you've put into your website. As a librarian, I understand the difficulty in wading through Internet information; you have compiled a very comprehensive list of first-rate sites (love your recipes, too!)"
- JC - Breast Cancer Survivor
"All 70,000 members of ADA should have the book, A Dietitian's Cancer Story, in their library of reliable information."
- Rita Kashi Batheja, MS, RD, CDN
Registered and Certified Dietitian in Private Practice, Long Island, New York
Founder, Indian America Dietetic Association
"I am a female about your age. I have just finished reading your story and diet plan in the November 2000 issue of Prevention Magazine. It caught my eye because of a procedure I am about to have this week. Between my last mammogram in July and the one before it about a year and half ago, the doctor found some microcalcification that he wants to investigate with a needle procedure. He said he is not too worried as it is less than one centimeter, but I can't help being in a panic. As a result, whatever the result, good or bad, I am looking forward to making the changes you suggest. I feel, that as frightened as I am by what the results of the procedure may be, I am not prepared to be complacent. I will be buying your book and suggest to my friends that they do so. Maybe it isn't a miracle cure or fool proof prevention, but at least its a proactive approach. If it means giving up some foods, I agree with you, life is worth it. Keep up the work and good health."
-D. S. Prevention Magazine reader

"This booklet is arguably one of the best distillations of useful information I have seen pertaining to healthful approaches for individuals with cancer."

     -David Eisenberg, MD - Director, Center for Alternative
Medicine and Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical
Center, Boston, Massachusetts

"I love your booklet!  My breast cancer patients think it is great and very helpful.  I really feel it is a great resource.  You have done a tremendous favor to all Oncology Dietitians by writing your booklet.  Thank you!"

-Karen Kulakowski, RD (former) Chair - Oncology
Dietetic Practice Group, American Dietetic Association

"Diana's hands-on practical advice for everything from nutrition, mental, psychological to spiritual, can be found in her new revised booklet.  I especially liked her emotional segment in 1996 when she '...cried and cried over all the losses...'as we all need to do from time to time, even for a loss which would never have been considered before diagnosis, loss of a pet, etc.  Thank you, Diana for writing such a helpful booklet!"

-CR., colon cancer survivor, Clarkston, Michigan

"Thanks so much for publishing all this nutrition information online! It's so hard to get common sense information about healthful eating, much less to get that info along with all the recipes to help you get
started. I'm inspired :)"
Carol Thom, marathon runner
Rave Reviews

(a premier Internet site for reliable information for cancer patients)
reviewed Diana Dyer's booklet  last summer and was given their highest rating ****.  It is archived in several different spots on that site which all lead this outstanding review : http://www.oncolink.com/library/article.cfm?c=1&s=9&id=185

Wellness Web
(popular medical information site)
reviewed Diana Dyer's booklet and found it to be engaging and inspirational.  The reviewer cited it as an invaluable resource for anyone interested in cancer prevention or treatment:
Issues in Vegetarian Dietetics
(newsletter for Vegetarian Nutrition, a Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association.)
Reprinted with permission, from Vegetarian Nutrition DPG newsletter Vol VIII, No. 4 (Summer, 1999)

This new edition of Dyer's inspiring book is a great guide for health professionals and cancer patients alike.  Sharing her personal story as a three-time cancer survivor, Dyer explains how she developed her integrative plan for recovery and healing.  The book includes details of the nutritional components of Dyer's program, offers a decision tree for evaluating and implementing alternative and complementary therapies, and has practical advice that comes from the author's experience as both dietitian and patient.  This edition includes new information, an updated resource list, and a separate chapter on maintaining an anti-cancer diet while eating out. 

- Reviewed by Cheryl Sullivan, MA, RD

Oncology Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group
(newsletter for Oncology Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association.)
Reprinted with permission from ONLINE newsletter Vol 7, No. 2 (Spring, 1999).

As a dietitian working with cancer patients, I can't say enough about this book.  Diana Dyer, a 3-time cancer survivor, has used her knowledge as a health care professional, along with her motivation as a cancer survivor, to sort through the maze of conventional and complementary medicine.  As a result, her book will help cancer survivors develop strategies to improve their quality of life.  As mentioned in her title, she gives a wealth of information, as well as inspiration for healing and recovery.

The book gives practical, well searched information that is easy to understand.  From a  nutrition perspective, Diana gives guidelines to the optimal diet for treating or preventing cancer or a recurrence.  As we know, this area is still evolving and so Diana used both the scientific literature and some areas that are not scientifically proven.  The dietary guidelines are nutritionally adequate, healthy, and not in any way dangerous.  She personally spoke to researchers to make sure she understood the research.  She also tested the diet to make sure that it was practical enough to use at home.

Also included in the nutrition section are serving sizes, practical ways to increase fruit and vegetable intake, sample menus, beneficial herbs to use in cooking, and ways to integrate the diet with a family.   Her latest edition includes a wonderful section on eating out and traveling.   I have never seen a book that is so thorough, and I can't wait to use it with patients.

Diana is also becoming known for her "SuperSoy and Phytochemical Shakes".  There are four recipes in the book and they all taste great!  I have used them with patients and oncology staff and at cancer fairs.  Our oncology unit has purchased the ingredients so that the nursing staff can prepare them for patients as an alternative to traditional shakes.  Many of the staff are preparing them at home for themselves as a way to help prevent cancer.

The book has a section on complementary medicine.  It discusses dietary supplements, exercise, meditation, imagery, homeopathic remedies, feng shui, prayer, and readings.  It allows patients to familiarize themselves with these areas and pick and choose what works best for them.   A resource section is also included that is very comprehensive in the areas of both traditional and complementary medicine. I used the Web sites listed in the book often.   It's nice to have all these resources in one source.

I have used an earlier edition of this book with my patients for about one year.  Fortunately, our cancer center has been purchasing copies so that there has been no cost to our patients.  We have now ordered 500 copies of the new 5th edition for our radiation oncology center.  The patients are truly grateful!  I, too, am very grateful to have such a wonderful guide to help my patients on the road to recovery.  Thanks so much, Diana, for all your work.

- Laurel Najarian, MEd, RD
Munson Medical Center
Traverse City, Michigan

Spanish Translation Now Available!

The fully translated Spanish 5th edition was published in September, 2000!
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