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I share with you my two favorite quotations:

"I encourage my patients to have faith in God but not to expect Him (Her) to do all the work."

- Dr. Bernie Siegel, Love, Medicine, and Miracles

"When the dog is chasing you, turn around and whistle for it."

- Henry David Thoreau

Both of them have been very inspirational to me as I have worked at recovering and healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually after my latest cancer.

My most recent breast cancer diagnosis was in 1995, and I have not had a recurrence to date. I have made many major lifestyle changes already, but I am still working on others. My oncologist credits many aspects of my recovery to the various strategies from alternative and complementary medicine I have incorporated into my "healing recipe", which includes my immune function now often being within the normal range.

While I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone, I do know that I have a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and contentment with my life right now that wouldn't be there without my latest cancer experience. It is my hope that some information or inspiration that I can provide you either from this web site or my book, A Dietitian’s Cancer Story, will resonate with you and be helpful as you begin your own journey toward recovery and healing after cancer.

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