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Diana Dyer Cancer Survivors' Nutrition and Cancer Research Endowment

Proceeds from the sale of my book, A Dietitian’s Cancer Story (both English and Spanish editions), are donated to the Diana Dyer Cancer Survivors' Nutrition and Cancer Research Endowment that I established at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) in Washington, DC in 1999. I had known of AICR's dedicated commitment to promoting and funding research on diet and cancer prevention since it was founded in 1984, and AICR has now enthusiastically embraced the need for and opportunity to support nutrition research focused on cancer survivorship also.

My endowment focuses on funding research that would give cancer survivors better guidance about which nutritional strategies (either during treatment or recovery) could optimize the odds for long-term survival and enhanced quality of life.

I have helped to fund seven (7) projects since the endowment was established in the year 2000. However, high quality research is very expensive, and currently my endowment can only help to partially fund these projects.

My dream is to have my endowment funded to a level at which one full research grant can be awarded every year that will be exclusively funding research focused on defining nutritional strategies to optimize cancer survivorship. In order to do that, my endowment needs to be funded at a level of $2 million (yes, million). Whew, that is a LOT of books to sell, so I am looking for alternative ideas and help to achieve that goal.

As of Dec 2006, my endowment is funded at a level of approximately $120,000, most of which has come from my donations. Some additional people have made contributions, also, and I extend my deepest gratitude to them for sharing and supporting my vision with their gifts. However, sometimes I admit to feeling discouraged when I see that my endowment (and what it can do) is still so small after all the effort I have put forth during these past 10 years. I want my endowment to be more than a "political statement", so I have decided that it is time to both "re-think and reach out" for new ways and help in order to increase the endowment's funding and ability to support the research that is so necessary (and even urgent) for cancer survivors.

Thus, I am offering all of my readers who share my dream an opportunity to be involved in a meaningful way by investing in the future and hopes of all cancer survivors.

There are several ways you may choose to become involved:

(1) Of course you may order more books. In fact, you may choose to purchase a large number to donate to your local cancer center, clinic, or doctor's office, to give to your own patients, local libraries, support groups, place of worship, etc. Quantity discounts are available when ordering 10 or more copies from AICR. Please call 1-800-843-8114 and ask to speak to Candis Navarrete.

(2) I would be honored if you chose to make a direct contribution to the Diana Dyer Endowment at AICR. A donation of any size can now easily be contributed directly to my endowment on AICR's web site at http://www.aicr.org/DianaDyer or mailed to AICR, 1759 R Street - NW, Washington, DC 20009. If mailing a donation, be sure to put Diana Dyer Endowment on the memo line. In addition, check to see if your employer will match any direct donations; AICR always gets the paperwork filed promptly to receive these matching funds.

(3) You may wish to hold a fund-raising event in your own community such as a golf-outing, bike-a-thon, silent auction, etc, etc, with proceeds donated to The Diana Dyer Endowment at AICR. Ideas and information about fund-raising for AICR are available on their web site at http://www.aicr.org, and then click on "How can I help?"

AICR is eager to help you with all of these options. Please feel free to contact Heather Morgan, Director of Development, at 1-800-843-8114 or by Email to h.morgan@aicr.org for additional information and assistance with local fund-raising events or more in-depth discussions about donations.

(4) Whenever you shop at Amazon.com, please participate in a free and easy service that Amazon.com has set up for web site owners, like me. Here is how it works. If you always go through my web site's page of books to get to Amazon.com every time you wish to place an order for anything from Amazon, a small percentage (4-6%) of the total cost of your order is paid back to me as a "referral fee". That amount of money helps to pay my web site's expenses, thus I end up with more money to donate to AICR at the end of the year.

Example: You wish to order some CDs from Amazon.com. First go to my web site at www.CancerRD.com, click on Books, click on Suggested Books, click on my book or any book listed, after reaching that book on Amazon.com, then search for what you wish to order on Amazon.com's web site. That's it. You don't need to do anything special when you pay Amazon, nor does it cost you anything extra. No matter what you order (electronics, food, books, CDs, third party items, even a lawnmower!), a small percentage of the amount you pay Amazon comes back to me as a "referral fee" when you go through my web site first. "Many drops make a bucket"; in other words, it all adds up! Thank you for remembering to go through those easy steps when you order from Amazon.com.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my vision and efforts to help fund the research that cancer survivors both need and deserve in order to have solid scientific information available to help them make informed decisions about nutritional strategies during their cancer journey.



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