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Q - How "strict" do I need to be with my diet? My husband and I have a tradition of having a cup of hot chocolate after a show. This is a special time, and I am loath to do away with it. Would one cup every so often hurt?

You have asked a very good and common question.

The title of my most popular presentation is "Feeding Body and Soul: A Dietitian's Personal Journey of Cancer Survivorship". Your tradition is vitally important to feeding your soul :-) Don't ever give it up!

In reality, no one knows the answer to your question. I like to think about everything I eat in these terms:

  • "How is this food or beverage nurturing me?" I think of the answer to that question in terms of both my body and soul, in other words, both the physical and emotional aspects of that choice. After all, food is more than biochemistry; food is also happiness.
  • However, when I am considering consuming anything that I don't regularly eat or drink, I do hold myself in check, so to speak, and think about how much of that item I really need to nurture my soul. Will savoring one or two special cookies satisfy that need instead of eating the entire box in one sitting?

Your special tradition with your husband sounds very meaningful. You are very fortunate to have established this delightful ritual, which indeed, sounds very nourishing to me!

FAQ posted 5/05


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