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Should I be following a low-residue diet after G-I surgery for carcinoid cancer? As I am not a great cook, do you have some easy vegetarian recipes that would be appropriate for this condition?

I commend you for seeking out information that will help you reduce any side effects that your cancer and/or treatments have left you with. However, as helpful as a low residue diet might be for reducing some symptoms, a low residue diet is very restrictive. A more practical (and less restrictive) approach to managing your symptoms would be to consult with a Registered Dietitian to have her help you find out exactly which foods are causing your symptoms. Then planning your diet around those individual restrictions would be far easier, less restrictive, more nutritious, and delicious! for you.

The cancer facility where you are being treated should have a Registered Dietitian (RD) on staff for you to consult with. If not, ask why not! If they don't, then go to the web site for the American Dietetic Association type in your zip code on the left side of the screen (last time I looked), and a list should come up that includes all the RDs in your location, both in hospitals and in private practice. Look for someone with a specialty in oncology or cancer nutrition listed. I have included a link to a lecture by a Registered Dietitian associated with the Carcinoid Foundation in New York City. She and her husband (who is an MD) have decades of experience working solely with patients who have a carcinoid diagnosis. I hope you will find something helpful in this lecture, also.

Eggs, tofu and soymilk are very good protein sources that are low in residue, high in protein, and are vegetarian. You can certainly adapt my recipes to remove all the whole grains (replace with white rice, white pasta, etc), nuts, seeds, raw fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, and most dairy (limit to 2 cups per day).

I would strongly urge you to consult with an RD to help make your diet as unrestricted as possible and also as nutritionally complete as possible. She will give you ongoing support that will be tailored to your individual needs and then help change those recommendations as your condition changes (hopefully improves!).

I send you my best wishes for health, healing, and hope!

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

faq posted 7/05


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These questions and answers are intended to be of a general informative nature. Please consult with the Registered Dietitian in your cancer center or your health care provider for nutritional advice that can be individualized to your specific medical condition.

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