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Do you ever 'CHEAT' on your diet?

I count on someone asking me this question whenever I speak, and it does not matter if the audience is composed of cancer survivors or dietitians!! This is a very common question and concern, particularly during the holiday season.

First of all, I will say that I believe wholeheartedly in my diet as a means of helping my body minimize the risk of cancer recurrence.  I now look at everything I eat in a very mindful way, asking myself, "How does this food nourish me? How does it promote my recovery?" By asking myself these questions, I am acknowledging that food nourishes both the body and the soul.

After asking myself those two questions and deciding that a Christmas cookie is what I *need* to nourish my soul, I can then ask myself "How much do I need to eat to satisfy that need?" This technique may sound very tedious, and certainly not spontaneous, but it has permitted me to still enjoy the foods that are actually important to me and has also helped me maximize my intake of foods with anti-cancer potential. In other words, I "still have my cake and eat it, too", however, now I am satisfied with only one cookie instead of eating half the box in one sitting!!

I invite you to try this method of eating during the next month. You may find that you have been eating most foods on "autopilot", without really thinking about how they can affect your recovery from cancer. Once you get in the habit of thinking of foods as important to nurturing your recovery, you will appreciate the title of a cookbook called "Life Tastes Better than Steak", which is a vegetarian cookbook written for people with severe heart disease for whom medications and surgery have not worked or are not an option. Think about how you would title that book for yourself the next time you are faced with a food decision at a holiday party.

faq posted 12/99


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These questions and answers are intended to be of a general informative nature. Please consult with the Registered Dietitian in your cancer center or your health care provider for nutritional advice that can be individualized to your specific medical condition.

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