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Diana, What 5 things have you changed in your diet that you think are the most important for enhancing the odds for long-term cancer recovery?

Another great question. I really had to think about this to try to narrow it down to just 5 changes. Here they are:

1. Found ways to increase my intake of *healthy fats* (i.e., the omega-3 fatty acids and monounsatuated fatty acids). I did this by:

a) changing my fish consumption from lean fish (like orange roughy) to fatty fish (like salmon) and eat fish twice weekly instead of just once.

b) I threw out my vegetable oils and now only buy extra-virgin olive oil and canola oil (also use a little sesame oil and walnut oil).

c) I eat 1 tbsp. of ground flaxseeds daily

d) I also began to feel comfortable about consuming high fat foods like avocados, nuts, and peanut/soynut butter.

2. Increased my fruit and veggie intake from 5-a-day to a minimum of 9 per day (everyday!). In addition, I began eating a much wider variety than ever before (don't just stick to the usual favorites of apples, oranges, and bananas). Make sure you are eating green leafy veggies every day.

3. Consume beans and legumes nearly every day of the week. They can be added or mixed into just about everything.

4. Threw out my processed grain products and only buy things made with whole grains. You have to look carefully at labels, but you can find products made with whole grains for nearly everything now, even bagels.

5. Incorporated soy foods into my diet on a daily basis (huge change!). I eat 1-3 servings of soy foods every day (even when traveling).

That's a summary of 5 big changes I have made. There are many more changes that are explained in other sections of my web site or in my book. I truly eat a plant-based diet. I rarely eat foods that are empty calories (high in saturated or trans fats, high sugar or white flour), and never really miss them. My diet is promoting my overall health in addition to optimizing my odds for being a long-term cancer survivor! You truly are what you eat and even a Registered Dietitian found she could make her diet healthier.

You can do it too :-)




faq posted 12/02

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These questions and answers are intended to be of a general informative nature. Please consult with the Registered Dietitian in your cancer center or your health care provider for nutritional advice that can be individualized to your specific medical condition.

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