A Dietitian's Cancer Story Newsletter: Fall 2004

Fall Greetings from Diana Dyer, MS, RD, author of A Dietitian's Cancer Story.

I am writing this Fall newsletter the week prior to Thanksgiving. Although I do not remember the exact date, I had the surgery for my first breast cancer the day before Thanksgiving in November 1984. Thus, this year when we share those things for which we are thankful at the Thanksgiving meal, I will feel heartfelt gratefulness for the past 20 years of life plus the many opportunities those years have brought me to help others along their cancer recovery journey.

I recently read a synopsis of the book Reinventing Fundraising: Realizing the Potential of Women’s Philanthropy by Sondra Shaw-Hardy and Martha Taylor (1995, Jossey-Bass), which described the 6 C's underlying women's giving:
• Create - finding new solutions to old problems
• Change - making a positive impact
• Connect - building relationships
• Collaborate - working within a larger effort
• Commit - working for an organization or cause you care about
• Celebrate – feeling the joy of accomplishment

Most of my readers know that I donate a substantial portion of the proceeds from my book, A Dietitian's Cancer Story, to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) in order to fund research projects focused on nutritional strategies after a cancer diagnosis to help enhance the odds for long-term survival. As I read through the themes listed about regarding why women are involved in philanthropy, I could see myself in all of the 6 C's with this effort.

I have helped to fund four research projects since my endowment was established at AICR (see below for an up to date list of projects funded so far). On the surface, helping to fund four research projects sounds significant, and I do celebrate that accomplishment. However, the need for more nutrition research for cancer survivors is sooo great and the need is sooo urgent that four projects seems like a spit in the wind to me.

Therefore, I am asking each of my readers to consider joining me in this cause. I will offer a reduced price during the holiday season for orders of 5 or more copies of my book (instead of the usual price break at 10 books) when ordered through AICR. In the spirit of both thankfulness and giving, please consider purchasing five (5) or more copies to give to friends, relatives, or colleagues with cancer, all of your various cancer doctors, each branch of your local library (Spanish editions also), several copies for your cancer center's patient resource library and/or your community's cancer resource center like Gilda's Club, your own support group, your minister, etc. You get the idea. This special offer will be in effect through December 31, 2004.
Orders of 5-19 books will be $10 each instead of $12 (even lower prices for higher totals) plus s/h charges and are easily handled by the staff at AICR. Please call ACIR at 1-800-843-8114. Ask to speak to Candi Navarette. Thank you for your support of this effort. Together we can move mountains! :-)

At this year's Thanksgiving gathering, I will also be giving thanks for all the support and strength my readers have given me. Although I am not Jewish, I would like to share with all of you a traditional Jewish blessing extended to me by a new web site visitor from Juneau, Alaska:

May you always go from strength to strength,

Diana Dyer, MS, RD


Newsletter Contents:

I. Books to Suggest
II. New Recipes
III. New Foods
IV. New Websites
V. Research Updates
VI. Tidbits
VII. Book Ordering Information
VIII. Removal from future Email updates


I. Books to Suggest

A. Canyon Ranch Cooking, Jeanne Jones, Harper Collins, New York, 1998 – more delicious-looking recipes than I could ever make in a lifetime. Not a vegetarian cookbook, but I love the use of beans and whole grains, even tofu, in these recipes. However, I would never use the corn oil or corn oil margarine suggested in some recipes; instead substitute canola, olive oil or some trans-fat free margarine. This book also has an abundance of dessert recipes, made as healthfully as possible with the extra bonus of smart serving sizes to use for those special occasions!

B. Meatless Meals for Working People: Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes (4th edition), Wasserman and Stahler, Vegetarian Resource Group, Baltimore, MD, 2004. A great starter book for a new vegetarian or a review for people who simply need new ideas of how to combine vegetarianism with a fast-paced life in the real working world. Includes menus, recipes, and suggestions for restaurant eating.

C. Making the Breast of It: A Cancer Survivor Talks about Reconstructing Her Life with Resilience, Resolve, and a Robust Sense of Humor, Laurie Lindsay, RD, LD, Purple Pepper Press, Alexandria, VA, 2004. A small book that makes a delightful gift for a woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Order from the author's web site http://www.laurieaomari.com/.


II. New Recipes

I have posted a few new recipes on my web site over the past couple of months. Be sure to check them out to enjoy some ultra-healthy eating.
Tempeh Sandwich Spread
Pumpkin Bread
Raspberry Sauce
Pizza with Thai Peanut Sauce
Salmon with Thai Peanut Sauce

In addition, I look for inspiration for new recipes from two weekly updates I receive by Email:

A. Health-e-Recipes from AICR. You will receive a recipe by email once per week. In general, they are fairly easy to prepare and have cancer protective ingredients. Just go to AICR's homepage at www.aicr.org to sign up.

B. The Splendid Table's Weeknight Kitchen Recipe. Again, a weekly email with an interesting recipe. Not all of these recipes are vegetarian, but I might see a great sauce recipe that would also work with tofu, tempeh, or even salmon instead of pork chops. Sign up at http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/.


III. New Food Items

A. Larabar - a delicious bar that is made from real (yes, only real!) food like fruit and nuts. These are a little pricey but so good that they are worth looking for. The web site http://www.larabar.com shows where they can be purchased in each state. They are available at Wild Oats, so Whole Foods can't be far behind.

B. Raw Energy Bar, made by Fabe's All Natural Bakery. Again, a bar made from only real food (organic dates, walnuts, raisins, coconut, almonds, poppy seeds, oranges) that is absolutely delicious. Their web site mentions both Wild Oats and Whole Foods as their *Friends*, so check to see if you can find these in your area. http://www.fabesnatural.com/


IV. New Web sites

A. Turkey tips, just in time for the holidays - http://lancaster.unl.edu/food/foodsafety.htm#turkey

B. For those who will enjoy Tofuky instead of or along side a turkey for a holiday meal - http://www.tofurky.com/


V. Research Updates

A. Flor-Essence® herbal tonic does not inhibit mammary tumor development, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 88 (1):87-93, 2004, LM Bennett, JL Montgomery, SM, Steinberg, KS Kulp.

This research showed that the commonly consumed commercially available form of Essiac tea called Flor-Essence® did not inhibit, stop, or reverse the growth of estrogen-receptive breast cancer in mice. In fact, the data actually show that the consumption of this product caused more and larger tumors to form in the mice given the Flor-essence® to drink before they were injected with the substance that induces breast cancer. This study was not designed to show the effect of Flor-essence® in mice who had already developed breast cancer, which would have more comparable to *real life*. However, the results are worrisome and should give one pause at this time before choosing to recommend or use this product as part of a treatment plan for a breast cancer diagnosis.

B. Improvement of Metabolism among Obese Breast Cancer Survivors in Differing Weight Loss Regimens, K-L C Jen, et al., Obesity Research 12(2):306-312, 2004.

Obese post-menopausal women are at increased risk of developing breast cancer and having a poorer prognosis. While it is not yet known if losing weight after a breast cancer diagnosis will improve the cancer prognosis, weight loss has other health and quality of life benefits (decreases blood pressure, blood lipids, insulin, and leptin levels, increases insulin sensitivity). This small study involving 48 women demonstrated that a weight loss protocol combining individualized sessions with a Registered Dietitian along with the group support from weekly Weight Watchers meetings produced the best overall results, including the largest amount of sustained weight loss over a 3 year time period. The women randomized to this comprehensive protocol also showed the largest reduction in body fat percentage, total blood cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and leptin levels, while HDL-cholesterol levels increased significantly in this group also. These results are expected to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and may also reduce the risk of breast cancer.


VI. Tidbits of Information

A. People from 125 countries have now visited my web site. To help them read my web site, Google.com can translate its content from English to five languages: French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian.

B. Update of projects funded at AICR by donations to the Diana Dyer Cancer Survivors' Nutrition and Cancer Research Endowment. These are all considered small pilot projects that will hopefully provide data leading to larger and more comprehensive studies that ultimately guide advice and clinical practice regarding the optimal nutritional choices after a cancer diagnosis. For example, results from the small project funded in 2001 helped lead to a multi-center clinical trial currently underway and funded by National Cancer Institute.

• 2001 - A Potential Role for Ascorbic Acid as a Chemosensitizing Agent in Multiple Myeloma, J. Grad McCafferty, PhD, University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, FL
• 2002 - Antioxidant and Oxidative Status of Children on Treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), K. Kelly, MD, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, NY
• 2003 - Chronobiological Principles to Maximize Efficacy of Alternative Dietary Therapeutics, J. Burton, MD, Center for Molecular Medicine and Immunology, Belleville, NJ
• 2004 - Cooked Meat, DNA Repair Genes and Breast Cancer Risk, Recurrence, and Survival, Susan Steck-Scott, PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC


VII - Book Ordering Information

Both editions of A Dietitian's Cancer Story, the updated and revised 2002 edition published in April 2002 (new ISBN is 096672383X) and the Spanish edition published in 2000 (ISBN 0966723821), can be ordered from any bookstore, library, Amazon.com, and directly from the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) by calling 1-800-843-8114 or going to their web site, http://www.aicr.org.

Discounts for orders of 10 or more copies are available for both editions by calling AICR at 1-800-843-8114 - asking to speak to Candis Navarette. Many cancer centers, health care professional offices, and places of worship have ordered books in larger quantities to have available to give as educational and support information or to resell.

Bookstores and libraries may order directly from the book wholesalers Ingram or Baker & Taylor.


VIII - Removal from future Email updates from Diana Dyer

I know that life changes with time. Thus, if you are not interested in receiving future updates and announcements from me via Email or have other subscription requests, please Email that information to Newsletter1@CancerRD.com.

(Special Note - Please use this Email address only for subscription information. I do not check it regularly, and thus any personal messages to me may not be read or answered in a timely manner.)

For those of you who choose to remain on this list, be assured that I will never share or sell your name or Email address to anyone.

I send my best wishes to all of you for health, healing, and hope!

Diana Grant Dyer, MS, RD - Author
A Dietitian's Cancer Story (English and Spanish translation)
Available from AICR (call 1-800-843-8114)
My Website: www.CancerRD.com

"Information and inspiration for cancer survivors"

Proceeds donated to the Diana Dyer Cancer Survivors'
Nutrition and Cancer Research Endowment at the
American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR).


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