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Information & Inspiration for Recovery & Healing from a 3-time Cancer Survivor

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My vision for the distribution of A Dietitianís Cancer Story has been to have it available in cancer centers across the country to be given to cancer patients. I wrote this book to be just what I wish my own cancer center would have given me when I started asking the question, "What else can I be doing to help with my recovery?"

It is a concise guide to strategies that may help enhance the benefit of conventional cancer therapies. It also helps a newly diagnosed patient learn various techniques for becoming an equal partner in his or her cancer care and an informed consumer of complementary medicine.

Bulk pricing is available for quantity orders of my book. Several cancer centers have done this already, and one cancer center bought enough for all of their patients to have an individual copy. Memorial gift funds have been used to purchase these books, which has been very meaningful to me.

A significant percentage of the proceeds from the sale of my book are given to non-profit organizations. Recently, I established The Diana Dyer Cancer Survivorsí Nutrition and Cancer Research Endowment Fund at The American Institute for Cancer Research in Washington, DC. This fund will provide money for research that will focus on defining nutrition strategies to optimize long-term survival after a cancer diagnosis.

After reading this book, if you believe you would have benefited by receiving it as educational material from your own cancer center, please tell someone there. The Registered Dietitian, the Clinical Nurse Specialist, the Education Coordinator, your Physician, and the Cancer Center Administrator would all be appropriate health care professionals with whom to share your request.

In this edition, I have done some updates, added an extensive chapter containing tips for eating away from home, and made the book and print size larger, thus easier to read.

I hope you find both information and inspiration in my book so that your cancer recovery journey is easier than mine was.

With best wishes,

Diana Dyer

February 9, 1999


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