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Privacy Policy

Information We Gather or Track

CancerRD.com is committed to preserving your right to privacy.

When you view pages on CancerRD.com, our server collects anonymous viewing information. Anonymous viewing information is data regarding the time spent viewing specific pages on CancerRD.com, the order in which pages are viewed, the time of day pages are accessed, and IP addresses. Anonymous viewing information does not include any personally identifiable information. We collect this anonymous viewing information in order to understand visitor usage and help make decisions on future resources to offer and site redesign. We may disclose this anonymous viewing information in the form of aggregated statistics to identify trends.

Cookies are not used on this website.

Please do not send any confidential information (including health information) about you or anyone to CancerRD.com via electronic communication. Any information you do submit to us is treated as confidential and is not sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties. Only Diana Dyer or employees of CancerRD.com read Emails received from visitors in order to respond to the Email requests. Inquiries and responses are kept for one year in order to develop Q&A’s for my web site and then destroyed.



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