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Compliments of Diana Dyer, MS, RD

Easter Meal 2003

Both my boys were home from college this year, so I decided to make foods for our Easter meal that I guessed they did not have on campus. They were thrilled with this menu and ate and ate and ate!

Seafood Kabobs

Whole Steamed Artichokes

Confetti Rice

Tossed Green Salad - may omit the canned artichokes

Orange-Miso dressing

Whole grain bread - purchase at a good bakery and serve w/black olive tamponade (easy to make in a food processor, but you may purchase this to save some time - I use one by American Spoon Foods made in Petoskey, Michigan)

Chocolate-Pumpkin-Flax Muffins

Strawberries in Phyllo Dough Cups

Yes, we still hide jelly beans and Easter baskets, filled with small amounts of traditional sweets. However, just a few of these are enough for me to savor and share in the joy of the day. The rest get tossed or my husband takes them to work for his staff to enjoy (as if they didn't have enough at home the previous day!)