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Spiced Coffee

I am frequently asked if I ever drink coffee and black teas, or if I always stick to green tea. I do drink green tea every day, but I also love a good cup of full-bodied coffee. I usually reserve my coffee for weekends as a *treat*. Lately I have been experimenting with adding various spices to my coffee for fun and flavor when brewing it at home.

I have added ~1 rounded teaspoon of ground cardamon seeds, cinnamon, or nutmeg to the coffee grounds when brewing 6 cups.

In addition, I have added ~1 rounded tablespoon of pre-mixed chai to the coffee grounds and then mixed a small amount of unflavored soy milk and just a drop or two of honey with the brewed coffee/chai for a really robust drink that is not too sweet for me like all pre-mixed chai. All the spices in chai (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, anisestar seed, and cloves) have some anti-cancer activity, as does the black tea used in chai.

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Spiced Coffee (cont.)

I have bought a chai mix by Choice Organic Teas from Seattle, WA in my local natural food store. It is just teas, spices, and pepper; no sweetener is included. I also have developed my own recipe for an unsweetened chai mix.

If there is any left over, I never throw it out but pour it over ice for an afternoon treat that would cost big bucks at your local coffee shop. I do think about which foods and beverages optimize my goal of having everything going in my mouth enhance my efforts to remain cancer-free. However, food is both pleasure and biochemistry, and I enjoy the feeling of *double-dipping* when it serves both purposes.